DŮT is a clothing brand brought to life from the creative mind of Duo the Kitsune! A youthful and creative red fox hailing from the east. What he lacks in following his families legacy as a mischievous kitsune praying on humans, He pours his heart and talent to art! Resulting in a clothing company filled with Duo’s love for Video games, Music and all things Geeky and Nerdy from human culture.

DŮT features artworks around Video games, Music and all things geeky from the human world. We also sometimes like to feature our family members in our artworks, And we’ll also be revealing them one by one as we go tails first on this adventure. So keep your eyes peeled and try to spot them in our future clothing collections!

We hope that we can make a mark in the human world with our clothing company and remember to always, Geek, Game, and Repeat!